Kom Vasco Group en zijn nieuwste producten ontdekken op ISH Frankfurt van 10 tem 14 maart.

Bovendien valt er elke dag een Vasco Beams aluminium radiator te winnen.
Trotse winnaar van de prestigieuze designprijs Red Dot Award 2014.

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Reddot award 2014

Aluminium Radiator

The Heating Company bvba, Belgium

Studio Segers bvba (Wim Segers), Belgium

The Beams bathroom radiator convinces with its timeless design, individually exchangeable accessories and high energy efficiency level. The flat front panels introduce calm and harmony into the bathroom. The front is subdivided into several heating ribs of the same size, creating a reserved impression while simultaneously exuding high quality. The convection fins at the back have been optimised for low energy consumption.

Statement by the jury
»The seemingly simple arrangement of the heating ribs not only creates an independent impression but also conveys timeless elegance with sophistication.«